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November 14, 2014

We would like to provide this letter of reference regarding Zack Tanner and Stuart Meade as well as their outstanding work force at ZTI-LLC. We are not only extremely pleased with the outcome of our project, but the time frame in which it was accomplished. We had agreed on a two month completion schedule. Accounting for our requested add alternates and a week of rain the project was completed right on time. Honestly, this scope of work should have taken four to five months.

We first met Zack Tanner over six years ago when we were initially thinking of renovating our private swim club, The Cabana Club, in Key Colony Beach, Florida. As time went on many other projects took precedent over the pool project. Our initial thoughts after meeting Zack and receiving his proposal was whenever we end up actually doing the project he was going to be high on our list. The time flew by and the need for the pool renovation became a must. At this point the project had grown to a much larger undertaking.

In early 2014 we requested formal bids from ZTI-LLC and several other companies. We were hoping that ZTI-LLC would provide us with the lowest bid to make our decision much easier, conversely they were one of the highest. After sitting down with Zack during our scope of work reviews, he explained that although his price was higher, the other bids contained potential hidden issues. These issues could have come back to haunt us down the road. He explained how and where the others stated some items quite vaguely which would have cost us much more than the initial lower numbers expressed. As the project progressed, this proved to be true time and again.

Our project involved the transformation of a 1950’s all tile swimming pool with no spa plus broken gutter/return line piping. Additional challenges were our cracked concrete deck, a pump room that was underground, structurally unsound and leaking and a clogged deck drain system. Zack, Stuart and their team transformed our swim club using a “Zero Edge” gutter system (water the same level as the deck). Along with new piping, new storm water deck drain system, new concrete pump room roof structure, new spa with a waterfall feature built within the confines of the pool and new brick paved deck with two Paver Art features. The pool looks almost too good to describe on paper. Every day our members tell us they can’t believe how amazing the difference is.

Zack’s wealth of information and idea’s on pool design blended perfectly with Stuart’s knowledge and creativity in accomplishing the finished product. Their team of men worked 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, even when it rained they worked between the drops. Stuart Meade was on the project every day, leaving no doubt the site supervision was spot on. Honestly, the entire project is a work of art. As mentioned earlier the price was a big concern for us, however, after seeing their work ethic and the end result it is all justified.

We sincerely thank ZTI-LLC for the beautiful transformation of our business and recommend them without hesitation.

Mike Tracy, Owner, 305 942-1366
April Tracy, Owner, 305 393-0631